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Magen Avot

Moroccan Daily Halacha

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This generation has witnessed a renaissance of Sephardic Jews eager to discover the halachot and customs that their ancestors have left behind. Morocco was blessed with many great Torah giants, but the sefarim that contain their Torah rulings on day-to-day subjects are not well-known nor easily accessible, especially to the English readership. Magen Avot Moroccan Daily Halachah fills this void. It is presented as a daily infusion of halachah in the order of the Shulhan Aruch, focusing on Sephardic p’sak halachah, particularly through the lens of the Moroccan poskim. Mosaica Press has partnered with Machon Magen Avot, which was founded in 2015 as a response to the growing need to have the writings and minhagim of the Moroccan community, both in Israel and abroad, accessible to all. Its focus is on publishing manuscripts of the great Hachamim in Morocco as well as disseminating the halachot and minhagim through various channels.